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If you come across terms and words that you haven't seen anywhere else but in the context of wigs, they are probably terms that are used only here. Here you will find the explanation for the strange words.

The list is in alphabetical order.

Adjustable cap : Cap whose size can be adjusted and which follows the hairline

Bang:Bangs. Side bangs can refer to sideburns.

Bleached knots :Real hair wig where the knots that hold the hair in the cap are bleached, giving a more natural look

Bob:A short, non-layered hairstyle with even bangs is sometimes called a polka hairstyle in Swedish

Cap : The cap that the wig's hair sits in corresponds to the scalp/scalp

Capless construction:The cap of the wig has no fabric parts but consists only of strips in which the hair is attached

Cosplay : Masked (often associated with anime characters)

Cosplay Wig :Wig that does not meet the requirements to be believable as one's own hair, masquerade hair

Density / Density : The value, which states how tightly the hairs sit on the wig, is stated as a percentage from 100.

Fashion wig :Credible quality synthetic wig that does not have a tulle pan

Filament: The fabric or similar that makes up the cap and corresponds to the (faintly) visible part of the scalp

Glueless wig :Lace front wig that sits in place without being glued with mastic

HD lace : The thinnest possible high-quality tulle, usually light beige and very flexible, cannot be dyed

Heat resistant :Wig that can be styled with flat irons and curling irons or heating coils

Human hair blend :Wig made from a mixture of real hair (at least 40%) and synthetic fibers

Human hair wig :Wig made of 100% real hair, available in remy and non-remy quality

Isopropanol :The type of alcohol that is suitable for removing glue residues from a lace front wig

Japanese fibers:Collective name for various (sometimes less qualitative) synthetic fibers

Kanekalon :The name of a widely used hair fiber

Kanubia :Perhaps the most exclusive synthetic material

Lace back:The back edge of the wig has a tulle part (as is usually the case in the front). Gives a more natural look for hairstyles.

Lace cap :Cap that is made of soft tulle, but does not necessarily have a hairline with a lace front

Lace closure:Technique used in the production of a natural hairline and sewn by hand strand by strand

Lace front :Wig with a tulle forehead with a sparser hand or machine sewn hairline, which gives a more natural look

Lace wig :Wig whose cap and forehead are made entirely of tulle

Mannequin cap :Cap whose hairline does not follow the natural hairline completely but is rather just round

Mastic :The most widely used type of wig glue

MBM:Means used to remove glue residue from the skin (not from the wig)

Memory cap :Hood that adapts to the shape of the head and keeps it 

Monofilament:Material that believably resembles human scalp and makes up (certain parts of) the cap

Non-parting :Wig without a leg, the hairs are planted so that the wig can be styled as desired

Non-remy :Real hair (wig) where the hairs are not sorted to lie in the same direction, gives poorer quality

Non-virgin:Real hair that has been treated (color/permanent), possibly several times before it has been made into a wig

Ombre :May mean that the hair has been dyed in several colors or that the wig has a coloring that looks like natural growth

Permalift:Short extra hairs sewn in some places to give the wig lift and volume

Permatease: The wig's hair is treated at the root to give lift and volume to the entire wig

Pixie (cut) :Short hair style cut with layers to look more unfixed and carefree

Remy:Real hair (wig) where the hairs have been sorted to lie in the same direction, which improves the quality

Side parting :Side legs, the hair is directed in two directions from the legs, this can be difficult to change.

Number combinations:(eg 13X6) Specifies in inches the size of the wig's lace area

Swiss lace :Thin tulle that is difficult to detect. Comes in different shades and cannot be dyed.

Toyokalon :The name of a widely used hair fiber

T-parting :Middle legs, the hair is directed in two directions from the legs, this can be difficult to change.

Transparent lace :Very thin tulle that is transparent and can be dyed to match the skin tone

Virgin hair :Hair that has not been dyed or permed before (than when the wig was made)

Velcro sizing:Construction that can reduce the size of the wig up to one inch (about 2.5 cm) on both sides

Wig : Another word for wig

Wig strip :A band that attaches to the wig and the net under the alt. in the hair and holds the wig in place

Wig tape :Tape strips that can be used to secure the wig in place are best suited for toupees

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