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in our shop at Tulegatan 9 in Sundbyberg you will find Stockholm's only second hand for wigs. Here you can try on and buy new and used wigs in good condition. We have wigs in all categories (see below). The wigs can also be ordered via the website.

We currently have about 60 wigs inside.

Do you want to sell your wig in good condition? read here how you can proceed.

We are normally open Monday-Friday 11-19 and Saturday 11-17, however deviations may occur. Welcome in.

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General Care Advice

A wig lasts a long time and looks good if you care for it properly. Here we have collected some tips and advice on how to take care of your wig in the best way. And the way depends on what your wig is made of.

HUMAN HAIR & HUMAN HAIR BLEND are wigs made from real hair. Human hair blend is a wig that consists of both real hair and synthetic hair. Blend wigs are the most difficult to care for as synthetic and real hair behave differently. Wigs with real hair are basically treated like normal hair.

SYNTHETIC FIBERS The most common is that wigs are made of synthetic material, the quality of which varies greatly.

We classify these into three categories: Lace front wigs, Fashion wigs and Cosplay wigs. Common to all synthetic wigs is that they need to be treated in a different way than real hair. For example, you should not use ordinary shampoo and conditioner when washing them. They freshen up with steam and they don't really like styling products. Different fibers can have different names: Kanekalon, Toyokalon, Kanubia, Japanese fibers, etc. Some brands have their own names for their fibers, but most have Kanekalon as the starting model. 


A wig should be washed when it is dirty or smells less fresh. At the same time, excessive washing wears out the wig. After a wash, the styling must be redone from scratch. But not washing the wig often enough, especially if you tend to sweat a lot under the wig, can make your hair stiff, unnatural and unsightly. An unwashed wig can also be a real breeding ground for bacteria. If you have also used styling products, it is important to wash them off if you want to use the wig for a long time. The fibers can break off if the wig is stored for a long time with styling products on it.

When washing of real hair, human hair wigs and human hair blends use a high-quality regular shampoo and conditioner. Don't skimp on the quality. The better the product is for your own hair, the better it is for the wig. Sometimes you can give the wig a wrap, but you have to be careful there, because wraps easily make a wig too heavy and bulky. Choose a wrap that is not very oily.

tvätt av peruk  peruker Second Hand Wig Shop Stockholm

When washing of synthetic materials can you use a special wig shampoo and conditioner. However, these are often expensive and can be replaced with much cheaper alternatives, which work just as well. As shampoo, you can use liquid color detergent or a few spoons of bicarbonate. Fabric softener works great as a conditioner. Do not wash your synthetic wig with regular hair products. They can leave an unflattering coating on the hair.


Wigs are combed or brushed from the ends, i.e. the opposite of what you usually do with normal hair. Detangle the hair from the ends first before moving towards the root. The brushing itself is of course done in a normal direction with the hair. If you brush the wig from the roots out instead, the brush or comb will pull up knots and pull strands out of your wig, which will end up being very thin. So start with the ends and brush in small sections to avoid pulling the hair, move the hair up when you're done with a section and don't force the hair to straighten but take it slow and gentle.

Customary hair brushes can sometimes be a little too harsh on a wig as they can stretch and pull out the wig hairs instead of gently detangling them. Therefore, you should preferably use a brush or comb intended for wigs or for extensions. These can be ordered cheaply on various Chinese websites  and are sold where hair extensions are available. There are separate types of brushes for real hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions. For curly hair, brushing only with your fingers may be sufficient.

borsta  peruker Second Hand Wig Shop Stockholm

Ifyou have a wig stock use it when working with your hair. Pin the wig to the log with sewing needles. It makes handling easier. Short wigs can advantageously be brushed when they are on. You can use a detangling (anti-knot) spray that makes the brush slide more easily. They also contain caring substances. These sprays are different for real and synthetic hair. Do not use spray intended for a different type of hair than the one you have. Also, don't overdo it with the amount of spray as it can make the hair heavy and make it look floaty. Regardless of how often you use your wig, it is important to brush it regularly - if you want to keep it in good condition.


Styling with heat is always damaging for the hair, regardless of the type of wig you have. Real hair can always withstand styling with heat without being damaged (more than in the long run), but synthetic wigs cannot always be styled with heat. Whether the wig can withstand styling with heat is usually stated in the instructions. If you have bought a second-hand wig, however, these are not often included. In these cases, you can test with heat on a small section, for example in the neck.

Generally it is recommended not to blow dry wigs at all. Real hair can still be styled with a blow dryer, but then it is very important to use a heat protection spray so as not to damage the hair or make it lifeless and dry. Even if your wig is real hair, it cannot be nourished through the scalp. That makes it more vulnerable than the hair on the head. Do not blow dry synthetic wigs at all.

styling wigs Second Hand Wig Shop Stockholm

Curling or straightening iron can be used on real hair and some synthetic hair. However, the synthetic cannot withstand as high heat as real hair. If you are going to curl your hair, rather use heat coils which are much more gentle on the hair than hot tongs. When styling, you should always be sparing with any treatment that can wear down the hair.


STEAMING is the best way to style and refresh a synthetic wig. Do not use this method on real hair. By steam you mean, as the name suggests, steam on the wig. Once the wig has been washed and it has dried completely, you can brush it under steam. Steam straightens and refreshes the fibers in a synthetic wig, making it look nicer, often almost as good as new. There are special wig steamers to buy online. They are of course the very best option, but these can cost thousands of kroner. You can use an old-fashioned coffee pot with a spout or a regular steamer, which can be bought for as little as SEK 200 online. A steamer with a brush is perfect for long wigs. However, don't use a steam iron that has a hot plate, you can hit the wig with it and ruin it in one touch. Choose one with only steam. If you want to curl your wig, you put the curlers in the hair and pour steam into the whole wig. Leave to dry for a couple of hours and remove the papillotes. Then brush again without steam. However, do not steam treat real hair, human hair blend or wigs that are not heat resistant. If you are unsure, test in a small area, for example on the back of your neck.

wig steamer


Even if it is necessary so do not like wigs styling products. Therefore, you should minimize the amount in all situations. Also, washing off the products is important, especially if the wig will be left for a while before the next use. Otherwise, the wear will be even greater than with frequent use.

When styling real hair, normal styling products and rules apply. Synthetic hair is a little trickier, but if you follow these tips, you will minimize the wear and tear.

Hair spray  is perhaps the most common styling product. Use a spray that is either specially formulated for wigs or be sure to choose a spray that is completely water soluble. Choosing the right spray will extend the life of your wig. It is best to use one that is specially formulated to work with synthetic hair fibers, as the chemicals in regular hair sprays can easily break down the synthetic material. Jon Renau, Revlon and Wella have special sprays for synthetic wigs. Search online.

produkter  peruker Second Hand Wig Shop Stockholm

Synthetic hair is resistant to varying degrees other products as mousse or gel. Wax does not work at all with synthetic hair. Any product you choose should be water soluble, that's a number one rule of thumb. Then it's always best to try to get by without or with a small amount, whatever product it is. Don't forget that styling always makes hair stiffer and less natural. It's very strange if your hair doesn't move at all even when there's a fresh breeze…

If you are going on holiday and need to travel with your wig, it should be transported in a sturdy container which prevents the wig from being accidentally flattened or compressed. If you are a frequent traveler, it may be worth investing in a specially adapted wig box or a wig travel bag, as in the picture.

resa och förvaring  peruker Second Hand Wig Shop Stockholm

Wigs should be stored away from direct sunlight, heat and dust. It's also smart to keep your wig away from pets and curious children. 

There are special wig wardrobes to buy online. It can be a fun thing, but for most of us it's a small premium. When you're going keep your wig longer than a few days, you should first fold it in half from ear to ear. This works best when the wig is short or medium length. If the wig is too short to fold and is not styled, you can turn it inside out instead. If the wig is long and straight, can braid the ends in a few sections. This prevents the long fibers from tangling during storage.  Feel free to place a hairnet over the wig. This is especially important if you are storing a synthetic wig that is not heat resistant. If a synthetic wig that cannot withstand heat loses its style, it will be difficult to style it.

Then put the wig in aplastic box or a plastic bag. It prevents the fibers of the wig from drying out.



Det är naturligtvis skönt om man kan göra allt som behövs själv. Men klippning och många andra lite svårare uppgifter ska man inte ge sig på själv om man inte har kunskap om det. Så där har du två alternativ.

Du kan antingen lämna din wig hos oss för en "renovering". Det är då Sveriges främsta perukexperter som kommer att ta hand om din wig. Du kan även välja att gå vår basic kurs för perukvård och perukmakeri WIGMASTER i där du lär dig allt du någonsin har velat veta om peruker och dess vård.


Vad en begagnad peruk utan anvisningar tål och hur den beter sig är förstås oförutsägbart. Men vi på Mika Marin Stockholm Second Hand Wigs hjälper våra kunder efter bästa förmåga. Du får med dig skötselråd och stöter du på problem som du inte verkar kunna lösa på egen hand, kan du alltid kontakta oss så försöker vi komma på en lösning tillsammans. Du kan nå oss via vårt kontaktformulär eller så kan du svänga förbi salongen i Sundbyberg. (Vi besvarar inte sms och samtalen blir inte alltid besvarade p.g.a bokningar.)

Om du känner dig osäker på tvätten eller stylingen, kan du lämna din peruk till oss och vi tar hand om den. Vi samarbetar med flera perukmakare, som tar hand om din wig på bästa tänkbara sätt. Genom oss kan du få följande tjänster.

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