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Men's Sexual Health


Shockwave therapy is a form of treatment that has been around for a long time the physiotherapy,

but which has only recently been developed to treat ED (erectile dysfunction) and to improve the sexual ability of men in the form of stronger erections and increased endurance. Shockwave therapy aims to permanently or at least semi-permanently restore the erectile mechanism for natural and spontaneous erections.

Results from basic science experiments have provided evidence for the treatment's stimulation of the release of angiogenic factors and for the neovascularization of the treated tissue. For most of us, that means absolutely nothing. So, in plain language, it means that the shockwave therapy generates a significant clinical improvement in erectile function through an improvement in penile hemodynamics (blood supply) without any negative side effects. The therapy is experimental and further research is needed, but it is believed to set a new standard for the treatment of ED.

Shockwave ED behandling

The treatment is done by using a purpose-built machine to send low-intensity extracorporeal shock waves to certain parts of the penis and surrounding tissue. The treatment is not completely painless, but has minimal side effects, which only a few experience. The treatment is very effective and requires few sessions to achieve permanent improvement. Men who want to improve their sexual performance can notice the effects immediately while men with ED can expect results within a few weeks.

shockwave ED behandling

Medicines such as Viagra or Cialis create a temporary improvement in penile hemodynamics. The shockwave therapy gives the same results but improves the blood supply permanently, which makes the physical follow the mental and spontaneously causes an erection when excited.

This treatment can be done for men of all ages, who experience ED or failing sexual ability, weak erections or substandard stamina. The treatment should only be carried out if the patient experiences erectile problems. Although the treatment can stimulate blood flow in women as well, it does not treat any condition in women. 

The treatment is carried out using the latest technology by trained male staff. If necessary, the temporary pain can be relieved with a local anesthetic spray or lidocaine ointment. The procedure only requires a few hours of recovery and does not interfere with daily activities. 

Most of us probably have room for improvement. You don't have to accept erectile problems anymore. Contact us and we will find out if you are a suitable candidate for this treatment.

Each treatment takes about 20 minutes. Depending on the problem and goal, the treatment is done twice a week for two to five weeks. Many experience a noticeable improvement already after the first treatment.

Medical studies show that some improvements seem to be permanent and that the general improvement lasts for at least two years. The form of therapy has also helped patients who do not respond well to medical treatment. However, it has proven to be very difficult to get significant improvement if the problem is due to prostatectomy or other surgery in the area.


We would like to point out that this is a so-called experimental form of treatment and that the treatment is not yet accredited in Sweden to be used for the treatment of ED.

priser och tider shockwave ED behandling

The treatment can also be used for long-term muscular pain in connection with massage. You can read more about it here.

If you are interested in undergoing the treatment for erectile dysfunction, you can book an appointment for a free consultation where we will go over whether you are a suitable candidate for the treatment.


Now if it's so revolutionary, why haven't I heard of it before?

Shockwave treatment for erectile dysfunction is not yet an accredited treatment in Sweden. Therefore, it is not offered in healthcare. The treatment is approved for ED by i.a. American FDA, but the EU has allowed itself to wait with the accreditation until further notice. For that reason, there are few who currently offer this form of treatment in this regard and thus the treatment is not widely known in Sweden yet.

How safe is the treatment?

As a technique, shockwave (sometimes called shockwave therapy) is old and has been used by physiotherapists and orthopedists for a very long time.  The treatment can be done by otherwise healthy people without any imminent risk of contraindications or serious side effects.

Does it hurt?

Yes. The treatment itself is not painless, but the sequences that may feel somewhat painful are short and the pain subsides immediately when the treatment sequence is over. In other words: Most people experience the treatment itself as painful, but almost all young people experience some pain afterwards. However, some soreness at the treated point may be experienced for some subsequent days. However, it is usually no obstacle to everyday life. It should also be mentioned that the level of pain is of course individual and cannot be measured.

What side effects can you get?

The treatment is almost completely free of side effects. The only thing that has been reported is bruising and redness in the treated area. The treated point may also feel a little sore for the next few days. Apart from these minor inconveniences, no serious side effects have been reported.

Can anyone undergo the treatment?

No. Your suitability as a candidate for the treatment is investigated before your first treatment can be carried out. There are several influencing factors. Here are some of the more important ones: To do the treatment, you must be over 20 years old and in predominantly good health. You must not undergo the treatment if you have had any form of cancer in the next five years or have not been declared healthy, if you are receiving radiation therapy of any kind including laser in the next three months, if you have received any type of injection including ED injections , steroids and cortisone in the area for the next three months, if there are wounds or scars on the treated points or if you have loss of sensation or hypersensitivity in any part of the intimate area. Untreated hypertension and cardiovascular disease (eg arrhythmia) can also be an obstacle. The treatment is also not recommended if the problem is due to prostatectomy or can be derived from another operation in the area. This is because it is rare that shockwave treatment provides a significant improvement in these cases. Before your first treatment, you fill in a thorough health declaration and must then state all possible circumstances that you suspect may affect the result or expose you to any risks.

Are the results guaranteed?

As with all treatments for physical ailments and problems, no full guarantee can be given for any treatment. However, the results of various studies show a very high percentage of improved conditions. Assuming you are otherwise healthy and a suitable candidate for the treatment, there is a very good chance that the treatment will give you life-changing results.

I can't pay everything at once. Can I split the payment?

Yes. Our salon collaborates with Klarna, which offers partial payment. If you want to split the payment, apply for an account with Klarna where you can pay at your own pace. As a salon, however, we cannot offer any direct partial payment to us.


For other questions Contact Us or book a free consultation.

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