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Mika Marin Sthlm Second Hand Wigs is Stockholm's only second hand for wigs. We can help you sell a wig that you no longer use. By that we mean the following:We do not buy any wigs. Instead, we sell wigs for others. This in turn means that we take your wig in, freshen it up, photograph it with a model, post it on our website and display it in our store.

Together with you, we decide the asking price and then we try to find someone who wants to buy it. The wig may also be available for rent - you decide. All this is free of charge for you who want to sell your wig. We charge a commission if your wig is sold. It is also the only cost to you. You can cancel the collaboration with us at any time and get your wig back - no hard feelings.

Please take a look at the questions and answers below and you will get a better picture of how it all works. Due to the technical issues the answers are only in Swedish.


1 You leave the wig to us for sale

2 We refresh it

3 We photograph it with a model

4 We put it up for sale 

5 Hopefully we will sell it

6 You get your share of the sale price

What kind of wigs do you bring in?

Wigs with us are divided into four wig categories (human hair, lace front, fashion and cosplay) as well as Hair Pieces (toupee, pony tails, tops and extensions). All of these categories are accepted for sale. Here is a little more detailed description. 1. HUMAN HAIR WIGS All wigs made of real hair (both remy and non-remy) and also human hair blends fit here. These wigs must maintain a high quality and they are priced between SEK 600 and 1,200. 2. LACE FRONT This category contains all wigs that have a so-called tulle forehead with a more natural hairline. Lace front wigs are considered better than wigs without a tulle pan. These wigs can be made of real or synthetic hair. With us, however, wigs made of real hair end up in the human hair category, even if they have a tulle headband. 3, FASHION WIGS Here you will find all wigs without a tulle pan that are made of synthetic material and of a quality that can be used everyday or for parties and not just for masquerade. 4. COSPLAY WIGS Cosplay means masked and this category is for wigs that are obviously made for this purpose or that are of slightly lower quality and do not qualify for the fashion category. 5. HAIR PIECES All so-called add-ons are placed here, i.e. things that are most often visible along with one's own hair. For example, extensions, ponytails, tops (the top hair on top of the head), toupees (half wigs or partial wigs) for both women and men. When it comes to toupees, tops and extensions, we are more diligent in judging the quality than we are in judging wigs. Products that fall under this category should ideally be new, unused or used a single time without any noticeable wear. We do not accept hair extensions of any kind, synthetic or human.l Ponytails must be closed in order not to be sewn or otherwise semi-permanently attached to one's own hair.

How much can I get for my wig?

We decide the selling price together. However, we have a price ceiling on the asking price of SEK 1,200. Normally, the asking price is lower than that - please take a look at the wig pages to get an idea. From this price, the state takes VAT of 25%. We deduct a commission of 30% from the amount remaining after VAT. In the end, you therefore receive 70% of the purchase price excluding VAT. You will receive payment when your wig has been sold. If your wig doesn't sell, you won't get any compensation either. You can cancel the collaboration at any time, if you wish, and collect your wig back. Our service is free of charge for you as a seller. You can make more money if you allow your wig to be rented out. Read more about this in the current section You can calculate your profit using the profit calculator on this page.

My wig cost over 10,000 when new. I can't sell it for less than…

We hear this often, especially when it comes to a so-called therapy wig (a wig you buy, often with a grant, during a medical treatment that causes you to lose your hair). These wigs almost always have a price tag with a markup, which the selling store takes because a large part of the payment usually consists of allowances. But paying more than a few thousand for a wig is unreasonable - especially if the wig is made of synthetic material and above all if it does not have a tulle pan. We are sorry if you have paid too much for your wig. You are more than happy to sell your therapy wig through us, which many do, but we apply the same maximum price rules to all wigs regardless of where they come from. If this does not work for you, we are not the right forum for you.

exempel på en perukbild

We refresh your wig, photograph and film it, post it online and physically in our shop for sale and possibly rental. All this is completely free of charge for you as a seller.

When and how do I get paid? Do you deduct VAT or tax?

You get paid when your wig has been sold or after your wig has been rented out so many times that 140% of the asking price has been reached. If we sell your wig without it being rented out, you get 70% of the selling price excluding VAT. If you allow your wig to be rented out, you will receive 50% of the rent excluding VAT for each rental occasion. If your wig is rented out so many times that your compensation for the rentals amounts to 140% of the asking price, your wig is considered sold. You can thus earn 200% compensation if you allow rental. Read more under the section dealing with renting. When paying out, we always issue a receipt for the sale. We are responsible for VAT and tax on all sales through us. As a private person, you do not need to include the sale in your declaration if your "activity" cannot be considered professional.

How does renting work? Do I earn by allowing my wig to be rented out?

Om du din peruk får hyras ut innan den blir såld är helt upp till dig. Vad du ska tänka på är att uthyrning sliter på peruken något, men samtidigt kan du tjäna dubbla ersättning om du tillåter uthyrning. Det fungerar så här: Kunden hyr peruken under en vecka och betalar en hyra som vi räknar ut. Hyran är alltid relaterad till utpriset och bestäms av oss. Din del av hyran är 50%. Provisionen räknas på veckohyran exklusive moms. Kunden måste också lägga ut en deposition som motsvarar mellanskillnaden från hyran till perukens utpris. Detta är en säkerhet ifall kunden inte skulle komma tillbaka med peruken. I en sådan situation räknas det som en direkt försäljning. Du får betalt för hyran tills att din ersättning har fördubblats jämfört med en direkt försäljning, dvs tills att 140% av utpriset har tjänats in. Därefter räknas peruken vara såld och den tillfaller butiken som bestämmer vad som händer med peruken. Om du bestämmer dig att avbryta vårt samarbete efter att peruken blivit uthyrd en eller flera gånger, tillfaller då ingen ersättning för hyrorna dig, men du kan fortfarande hämta peruken tillbaka. Peruker vars försäljningspris är lägre än 300 kr hyrs inte ut alls. Hyrpriset skulle bli så lågt att jobbet med uthyrningen kostar mer än vad det smakar. Dessa är tillgängliga endast för köp.

How quickly can you sell a wig?

That is a question no one can answer. It depends on what the customers are looking for and much is a matter of chance. Some wigs have been sold the same day they were submitted, while others have been sitting around for months. This has nothing to do with quality or price, but mostly depends on coincidences. Should you get tired of waiting for your wig to be sold, you can cancel our cooperation at any time. However, we think you should give it a minimum of three months. Our service is free for you as a seller so it costs nothing to try.

exempel på en peruk filmklipp

All wigs are presented on the website with a live video clip where it is easy to see how the wig falls on a live person. In addition to a short video clip, we present your wig with four photos; one from the front, one from the side, one from the back and a picture of the inside of the wig where you can see the construction of the cap. That's a lot more than what you see on most sites that sell wigs.

Can I do anything myself to boost rental or sales of my wig?

Yes! And you are more than happy to do that. There are ready-made links for sharing your wig on your wig's info page. If you click on the Facebook link, for example, a share with a picture of your wig on Facebook is automatically created. You can write your own text on the post. If you click on the Pinterest link, your wig will be added to your chosen pinpoint list and will be visible to anyone viewing your lists. The Twitter link creates a tweet with only the link to your wig, You can add text to the tweet. Even worse, there are no tools for sharing on Instagram or TikTok, but there you have to share the link in a post you create yourself. To publish a picture of the wig, you can download any picture of the wig and then share it. Don't forget to add the link to your wig's info page. On the wig's info page there is also a function where anyone can tip about the wig and send an email to the person you want to tip. By clicking on the tip function, an email is created with the header containing the link. The person can write a message to the email themselves if they want to. We hope these features help and boost both rentals and sales, If there are other features you'd like us to add, please let us know!

What happens if my wig is not sold or rented out?

Of course, it can happen that no one buys your wig or that your wig is never rented out either. Should that be the case, it is only reasonable that you have the right to terminate our cooperation, which you can do at any time. No costs will accrue to you in that case. Working with us is always free of charge for you as a seller. However, we prefer that the minimum time you give this is three months. Often it takes longer than that before a wig is sold. We recommend that you leave your wig with us as long as you are not using it. In the meantime, you can promote your wig yourself and boost both sales and rental of it, for example on social media by linking to your wig's info page. More on this in the current section.

How does it work with all the taxes and VAT? Who will pay them?

Vi står för alla skatter och momsen kopplade till försäljningen och sköter dess redovisning till Skatteverket. Det enda du behöver göra är att godkänna ett kvitto när en utbetalning sker till dig personligen eller till ditt konto. Som privatperson behvöer du inte ta upp försäljningen av enstaka peruker i din deklaration. Det blir aktuellt först om eller när din "verksamhet" kan betraktas som yrkesmässig (vilket i de flesta av fallen inte är aktuellt).

What should I do in practical terms if I want to sell my wig through you?

Start by sending us an email. Use our contact form or the email address you find on the "Book & Contact" page. Please attach, if you have, a picture of your wig and tell us how much you would like to get for it. Be reasonable with your claim, we refuse claims that do not match our price picture, exceed our price ceiling or if the quality does not match the asking price. Feel free to take a look at the wigs on the page to get an idea of a reasonable price picture. You must then wait for a response from us. We usually respond within a week. If everything looks good, we will agree on a day and time when you can come and drop off the wig. Alternative delivery methods can be discussed if you do not live in the Stockholm area. If you send the wig to us by post, you are responsible for the postage yourself. The same applies if you want to cancel the collaboration and want us to send the wig back by post. Upon delivery, we also conclude a written agreement regarding the sale and possible rental of the wig. If you submit several wigs, an agreement will be drawn up for each wig separately. Here we take over the process and notify you as soon as your wig is for sale through us, so you can also market it yourself via the appropriate channels.

I have other or more specific questions...

If you don't find answers to your questions here, you are welcome to get in touch by e-mail or our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as we have the opportunity. Please avoid calling us in matters relating to wigs as we are already heavily burdened with all booking calls. Thank you for taking this into consideration.

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