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We use a revolutionary new product that removes hair as short as 1.5mm. You therefore do not have to wait for a new waxing until the hair has grown 3-5 mm long. For the first  waxing, however, we recommend that the hair is about 5 mm long.

Painless treatments - Only with us

When we talk about painless waxing, it's not just a promise that doesn't come true - with Mika Marin Sthlm, waxing is almost painless.

Local anesthesia (lidocaine spray 50%) eliminates up to 70 percent of the pain. The residual discomfort experienced by some is intense, but very quickly transient (a few seconds).  The highly potent spray acts as quickly as a dental anesthetic. If you are extra sensitive and really don't want to feel anything, you can also do a preparatory extra anesthetic at home about an hour before the waxing. On this page you will find instructions about how to proceed.

Sweet Cotton

is Perron Rigot's new concept for body waxing for those who find waxing painful. The Sweet Cotton wax contains natural numbing substances and caring components. The new formulation means that the wax sticks only to the hair and leaves the skin soft without the sticky feeling. We remove the wax with soft cotton strips instead of synthetic and it all ends with a soothing and moisturizing post waxing -treatment. Our customers rate this method as noticeably less painful than regular waxing.

We are specialists in Manzilian

MANZILIAN or BROZILIAN :: Regular waxing courses usually provide competence only for female intimate waxing. It is also the most common reason why most salons do not offer Brozilian, also called Manzilian. I am a trained specialist in male intimate waxing. Manzilian can mean that you remove all the hair both front and back or that you leave a small area of hair just above the penis. That could be because of the pain sensitivity is slightly higher just above the penis or you simply think it looks better that way. The choice is completely yours.

But we master female waxing as well

BRAZILIAN or HOLLYWOOD :: Intimate waxing is often generally called Brazilian, but the term Brazilian actually means a waxing where you remove all the hair in front and back, but leave a small line on the front. A Hollywood waxing is where you remove all the hair front and back. Hollywood is the most popular waxing for both sexes. You decide which waxing you want. We have both male and female staff for waxing.

sweet cotton
olika intimvaxning resultat

EXAMPLE  of different waxes

WARNING! The image contains 

exposed genitalia


Body waxing & grooming

Of course, you can wax any part of the body you want as a single waxing or as an addition to your intimate waxing. However, anesthesia cannot be used on the parts of the body where strip wax is used. If you are pain sensitive, we recommend Sweeet Cotton waxing.


All Inclusive
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When should I do the waxing?

At any time when the hair in the area to be waxed is at least 1.5 mm long, but for the very best results you get around 5 mm. The first time, you should be prepared that maybe not exactly all the straws come with you. This is because hair grows in different phases and some of them are too short to pull out.

Women may also note that pain sensitivity is at its lowest a week before and a week after menstruation. It's not dangerous, but it can hurt a lot to wax during your period.​ If you still want to do it, please use a tampon or menstrual cup.

Before the treatment

It is to a great advantage to do a peeling on the area the day before, but absolutely not a must. On the same day, an hour or so before, you shower and clean the area to be waxed(intimate) soapand water. Do not use creams afterwards.

If you want to reduce the pain, about an hour before the treatment you take two pain tablets with different active substances (e.g.  paracetamol and ibuprofen). Do not take preparations with acetylsalicylic acid, nor preparations with caffeine.

If you want to use anesthesia when waxing the intimate area or armpits, you can buy a strong lidocaine anesthetic spray at the salon for an additional cost of SEK 99.

If you are very sensitive to pain, you can also do a preparatory extra anesthetic at home. Then you really feel nothing. Then you buy at the pharmacy a cream that contains both lidocaine and prilocaine, for example Tapin or Emla. These cost SEK 50-80. Apply the entire tube on the area to be waxed about an hour before the treatment. Then line a pair of tight panties/underpants (these should cover the entire area to be waxed, i.e. no thong) with plastic wrap and put these on. Leave them on until you come to me. You will feel warmth in the area, this is normal. Pack a pair of underpants, which are cotton and as loose as possible.

Do not drink coffee, energy drinks, alcohol or milk for at least four hours before the treatment. These increase the risk of small bleeding or reduce the effect of the anaesthetic.

During treatment

When waxing for the first time, it's completely normal to be a little nervous. But if you choose to do the waxing under anesthesia, it will not hurt. We start by talking about how you want it. It is important that you are straight  in your communication with me and tell me exactly how you want it. There are no questions that are stupid or too intimate. When we are clear about how you want it, you lie down on a treatment table.

Now it is important that you try to relax. It may be easier said than done, but if you tense your muscles or jerk strongly, the hairs can break off instead of being pulled out by the root. This is not dangerous, but gives a significantly worse and less durable result. You are in safe hands and I am responsive if you need to take a short break or drink a small glass of water. 

Intimate waxing usually takes between 15 and 45 minutes depending on various factors. The first time and especially male waxing takes a little longer as all bodies have to be treated a little differently, already the second time it goes faster as I learned how your body works.

When we are done, I ask you to feel with your fingers and look with the help of the mirror if you see or feel any strands that I have missed. The very first waxing may not include the shortest strands, but 98% of the hair should be gone even the first time. Afterwards, you will receive a soothing oil as a finishing treatment. The finishing treatment should preferably sit for 4-8 hours before it is washed off.

After the treatment

For the next few days, wear loose cotton underwear and avoid getting dirt on the area. Avoid any type of friction. Wear loose trousers (or a skirt) immediately after the treatment. The first night you sleep naked between clean sheets.

Now your skin needs to rest after the stress caused by waxing. Your hair follicles are completely open for a few days and are susceptible to dirt and inflammation. If you seem to get red dots afterwards, these can be treated with our own product Ingrowth Inhibitor which prevents ingrown hairs and kills bacteria. The hair follicles gradually close within 1-3 days. You should  not shower, sunbathe or bathe, exercise or have sex for the first eight hours after waxing. Sunbathing and bathing in chlorinated water must be avoided for at least 24 hours.

When you first shower, wash with water only and pat the waxed area dry. If the area is very red or sensitive, you can use Ingrowth Inhibitor in the area, but normally it should feel good. Does it feel dry? lubricate the area with ultra-hydrative moisturizer Soft Kitty.

​The very next day you notice how smooth your skin is now. The advantage of waxing is that the hairs are refined with each waxing and the hard, itchy ugly stubble becomes a memory blue. The more times you wax, the sparser, thinner, lighter and slower the regrowth becomes, which can fade almost completely. You must not shave between waxings!

Depending on how quickly your hair grows back, it is time for a new treatment after 4-6 weeks. In the beginning, especially after the first time, the second treatment may be relevant already after a month. This becomes less frequent the more times you wax.

If irritation occurs

Should an allergic reaction occur, you should contact your doctor. However, this is extremely rare. Normally, most people return to normal the very next day.

No razors in the area

When the hair grows back, it is thinner and non-dull. For the next waxing, the straws should be about 3 mm. long. In the meantime, you should definitely not shave the area. Shaving stimulates hair growth and renders the long-term effects of waxing ineffective. 

ingrowth inhibitor

QUICK QUESTIONS & ANSWERS about intimate waxing

Does it hurt?

When sedated, not in the slightest. At the first time, the pain reduction is slightly lower, however.

How long will I be hair free?

4-8 weeks

Doesn't the skin get irritated by this?

It is unusual. Some redness and tenderness may occur.

Can waxing be dangerous?

No, unless you belong to a risk group.

Can I wax during my period?

We recommend that you wait until your period is over as pain sensitivity and susceptibility to infection are at their highest. However, you can do it if you are prepared for this.

Will I be red?

It can happen, but only lasts an hour or so. 

But what if I get a hold?

The body's nerves sometimes react in a way that we don't mean and that's nothing strange. If you stun yourself, it's not even likely to happen. But should that happen, it is only to the advantage as the skin is automatically tightened and the waxing goes faster.​

When can I have sex after waxing?

It is highly individual. Some have it the same day. However, I recommend  24 hours rest.

Why not shave instead?

  • Shaving takes time every day

  • Shaving causes razor bumps and sometimes sores

  • Shaving produces rapid and blunt growth

  • Shaving stimulates hair growth, the more you shave, the more it grows

  • You are always ready for a fight without having to think about it

Why not laser or IPL?

Laser treatment or IPL provides up to 85% permanent hair removal over many years. It is an excellent option for those with resistant skin. However, IPL can cause burns and even scars for those with sensitive skin, and in some cases permanent pigment changes occur if the same area has to be treated several times. These injuries usually do not fade away either. But if conditions and conditions are ultimate, IPL is a very good option. However, IPL is very expensive compared to waxing.

More facts about waxing

  • Hair-free up to eight weeks

  • The growth is not blunt, soft and thin

  • The growth is usually lighter in color

  • Over time, the hair grows thinner

  • Over time, hair grows more slowly

  • Over time, hair growth may slow down

  • No pigment changes

Do you want to know more?

Call me on 0760 53 68 33 or send a message usingthe contact formhere on the page.


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Intimate waxing is a little different from waxing elsewhere on the body. Read here whether you should wax or not.

You are advised not to do intimate waxing if you...

... have diabetes

... have an ongoing period

... have given birth to a child less than three months ago

... have recently had or have an ongoing venereal infection

... have psoriasis, atopic eczema or other chronic skin disease 

... have sun damage, burns, wounds, scabs or bruises on the area

... receive a treatment with blood-thinning medication

... receive a treatment with Antibiotics, Vitamin A, AHA acids or Glycolic acid

... have previously waxed you and had an allergic reaction

... have a pacemaker

Please note that I have a duty of confidentiality according to the Privacy Act!

It is important that you inform me if you…

... are medicated with beta blockers

... are medicated with heart rate lowering medication

... have an infection that can be transmitted via blood or body fluids

You can have an intimate wax, but anesthesia is not advised if you...

... take medication that affects heart rhythm

... are medicated with opiates or opioids

... are or are trying to become pregnant

... have recently taken central stimulant drugs or medication

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