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perron rigot tattoo wax exempel


What happens at the tattoo studio?

Anyone who has ever been to a tattoo artist knows that before each tattoo, the artist usually takes a razor and shaves the area. We skin therapists know that every shave is a strain on the skin, which in this case is often exposed to dry shaving. The result can be an irritated skin before the tattoo has even begun.

Already Next hour the hair starts to grow back with a blunt stubble, not to mention all the stinging and itching under the skiydd plastic.

Why and how do tattoos fade?

Think of tattoos as a picture behind a glass. The top skin layer is called the epidermis and is considered the glass in front of a tattoo, as the tattoo is created in a lower skin layer - dermis.

The epidermis is the layer that collects dead skin cells and makes the tattoo look faded. Depending on the area of the body, even hair can hide all or part of the tattoo. It can ruin the beauty of a tattoo and hide it completely.

It is common knowledge that over time tattoos fade and lose their vibrancy, the skin is, after all, a living organ that renews itself. It is therefore recommended to strengthen the tattoo after about 10 years. Before then it is important to continuously exfoliate and moisturize the skin to maintain the wow effect of the tattoo.

Hair removal is then an important part of this, especially in areas where you have denser hair growth.The best option for complete care is to wax the tattooed area. Waxing provides direct exfoliation and complete hair removal. It is also eight times gentler on the skin than shaving.​

However, not all waxes work. The wrong kind of wax can even bleach the tattoo further. - We at byMika have been part of a world first. Perron Rigot is the first brand ever to produce a specialized treatment. which we use. You can be among the first at the world premiere of a new unique complete treatment.

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