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Two evenings on location or by distance

On site in Sundbyberg or remotely via direct streaming

kamma en wig


is a basic course where you learn the basics about all types of wigs, you will understand the basics of wig-making, which is a prerequisite to be able to move on in the flow of knowledge to the next level. A basic education in make-up is included.



There are many people who call themselves wig makers. But very few of them can boast of having a journeyman's certificate in wig making - even fewer, only a few in Sweden, who are authorized to teach this creative profession. Alexandra Södergren is one of these few. For many years, for personal reasons, she has refused to be a teacher in wig courses or to have a student who walks by her. But now the ice has melted and one of the very best wig makers is sharing her solid knowledge as a teacher on this training that everyone who styles, handles or wears any kind of wig should go. However, Alexandra has signed up only for this course and the continuation courses that will run throughout the autumn and provides advanced knowledge.

alexandra södergren perukmästare

The Wigmaster training series consists of three levels. The first one anyone who owns a wig can go. The second is for those who are seriously interested in the art of wigs and the last level is the most advanced course available in Scandinavia in the field and provides professional competence in wig making.

Wigmaster 1 JUNIOR WIGMASTER is a basic training, which provides understanding and skills to handle wigs in the right way. Knowledge from this level is necessary to advance to the next levels and provides a solid foundation for any wig owner to handle their wig properly and much more.

Wigmaster 2 EXPERT WIGMASTER which runs in September, focuses on mending broken wigs, reviving them from the dead and the art of modernizing old wigs and creating new hairstyles, making straight to curly and vice versa and a little more.


Wigmaster 3 PRO WIGMASTER which takes place in November, is a course where you make a lace front wig from a normal one completely according to your own fabric and use different techniques to get the perfect end result. This is an advanced course with a lot of personal coaching, which gives the participants almost professional knowledge. After graduating from Wigmaster 3, participants are equipped to work with wigs in, for example, theatre, shops and other establishments.

Wigmaster 3 PRO+ is an invaluable add-on offered only to course participants, namely private lessons with Alexandra Södergren. The lessons can be about areas that the individual participant wants to have deeper knowledge of.



Wigmaster 1   September 2023
Wigmaster 2   October 2023
Wigmaster 3   November 2023

styla en wig


- Wig types and their characteristics

- Elimination of new wig shine and slippery fibers

- Wig washing step by step + the means

- Cutting synthetic/real wigs

- Curling and Straightening of a wig

- Styling and sets

- Lace front and back - types and properties

- Natural hairline without lace

- Storing of wigs

- Traveling with the wig

. Special tips and tricks for a more natural look

- Attaching a wig in place in various ways

- Steaming

- Make up tips for wig wearers

- Terminology

- Density

- Big Yes and Big No's

- Sun, Rain, Wind, Cold

- Sustainability

- Photographic technology and photography

- VOUCHER of SEK 500 for the next part of the series

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Expert Wigmaster

16 hours of teaching divided into four evenings.

Participate on site or remotely where you are, the only thing you need is a computer and a mic if you want to participate with questions yourself.

The next course will be held in October 2023. Date shortly.

The course includes, among other things:

- Matching the skin tone and type to the color of the wig

- Dyeing, tinting and curling a wig

- Bleached knots / Bleaching of the hair knots

- Reviving a dead wig

- To mend a broken lace

- To refresh a bad lace

- Lace closure / Natural lace line from scratch

- Sew in hair for natural lace line

- Internship regarding lace and sewing in hair

- Creating a "glueless wig"

- More natural hairline without lace

- Oral final exam

- Voucher of SEK 1,000 to the next level

Price SEK 7,950 Deductible, continuing education. Pay in installments.

Material package (optional) 2,950 NOK
Professential peruk stock with table settingg and peruk needles (value 2.7SEK 00), Steamer  (value SEK 600), Heat-resistant coils for curls (value SEK 100), Hair spray intended for wigs (value SEK 130), Detangling spray (value SEK 120), Wig brush and wig comb (value SEK 120), Undernet (value SEK 49), Overnet and Stripe (value SEK 150), Washing bucket, detergent and conditioner (value SEK 140), Hairpins and other hair items (value SEK 40), Hairdressing scissors and Epilation scissors (value SEK 450)

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wigmaster kurs
wigmaster kursinnehåll
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Pro+ Wigmaster

24 hours of teaching divided into seven evenings.

Participation only  in place

The next course will be held from November 2023. Date shortly.

The course holdseel i.a.:

- Techniques in making a wig

- Wig maker's tools and choices

- Strategic measurements and measurement technology

- Resize finished wigs 

- Theory of wig making / creating a wig

- Theory of attaching a lace

- Practice: Create a lace front wig from a regular one

​- Common mistakes and solutions

- Difficult moments and the help

- Where are you going to shop for everything? Pro tip 

- Written knowledge test and diploma award

Price SEK 10,950 Deductible, continuing education. Pay in installments.

Material package  SEK 3,500​

Contains everything needed for the course

PLUS+ LevelRecommended

- Four 45 min. long private lessons with Alexandra Södergren

- About the subject the student wants to learn more about

Price SEK 3,000 Deductible, continuing education. Pay in installments.

Last day to register is May 26, 2023

Registration is open - To secure a place, register as soon as possible!

In connection with registration, you choose whether you want to pay your course fee in part with Klarna. The other option offered at the time of booking is to pay on the spot. This is the option you should choose if you want to pay the fee without partial payment (by card or Swish). When you choose this option, we will send you a payment link that you should use for card or Swish payment. If you want to buy the material package, this is paid at the same time. So you cannot partially pay one and pay the other directly. Your place on the course is only secured after we have received your payment alt. after Klarna has approved your installment plan.

The course fee including the material package is deductible if you have a business where this type of knowledge can be considered necessary. You book the cost as continuing education and the VAT as usual. A receipt is always issued upon payment.

ATTENTION! When booking, select the following date: 30/5 at 18:00.


We are here if you have questions or want more information

Contact one of us and we will help you with your questions. The easiest way to reach us is by e-mail.

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Alexandra Södergren

Course manager



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Mika Marine

Make up



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Susanne Landberg

Materials manager



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