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Brudsminkning Bröllop byMika Stockholm [Annie]

Nothing should be allowed to ruin the most important day of your life for you. 

It's the day you want to be your most beautiful self, shine and be happy.


If you trust me to take care of your appearance on this important day, I will make sure that everything goes according to our joint plans. First, we meet at a meeting to discuss how you want it, if you need more help, for example a hairdresser, and simply go through all the practicalities.

A few days later, we do a make-up test. On the one hand, you must be able to be sure that I know my stuff, but also on the other hand so that you can have an opportunity to come up with wishes and requirements in terms of details, etc. It is only here that you need to decide if you will hire me or not.

On your day we will meet and you will become the most beautiful bride on the planet. It can rain and it is not unusual to shed a tear or two during the day. That's why I do your eye make up with waterproof quality products so you don't have to think about how your eyes look. If necessary, you   get an improvement kit with you, which may be needed in the wee hours.

Often the bride wants the bridesmaids to be made up in the same style to make the appearance uniform. After I give you all my attention, I can also do the makeup of your bridesmaids, mothers-in-law and others. Maybe the groom needs a little grooming? All this is possible, if you so desire.

But this day is about you and your love. And it shall be so. You should shine and feel like the center of the party and above all the most beautiful - not least for your partner.

Brudsminkning Bröllop byMika Stockholm [Rebecka]
Brudtärnor - Sminkning
Brudgumme - Grooming

Tarnorn, mother, mother-in-law...

All of them can get a little hysterical on D-Day.

To keep them calm and beautiful, we can agree on a make up for these as well. I can also discreetly groom your fiance, cover small blemishes in the skin, etc.

Then you really will be a perfect couple!

See more information below.

Your ambassadors


Including consultation, make-up trial and touch-up kit

GROOMING Groom 250


Note! Take time into account!

I know many incredibly talented hairdressers, who I can

recommend and convey the contact to


0760 536 833

then we'll talk more! bröllop makeup artist
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