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Educate yourself in intimate bleaching - FREE

In the run-up to spring, the demand for intimate bleaching always increases. As the leading player in the Nordic market for intimate bleaching, we also clearly see that intimate bleaching is the most trending treatment right now. The demand is greater than the supply. Therefore, with a salon, you should expand your range of services with just intimate bleaching. Right now you can train completely free of charge at Mika Marin Intimate Academy.

Mika Marin Intimate Academy's basic training gives you everything you need to carry out a safe treatment with a chemical method. As a certified therapist, you can shop in our professional shop and have access to marketing material through our website. In other words, you can attend the training at your own pace, where you are without having to travel to us in person.

In other words, you can be up and running already in a week or take it easy and start in a month if you want. You decide the pace as the education is interactive and you study at your own speed. The training consists of four recorded lessons with the leading expert Mika Marin and a study book of approx. 40 pages. The entire training is free. You of course need material for the bleaching itself, and you buy that from us at an extra favorable starting price. The starter package is so low priced that you make a substantial profit already on the starter package.

The training makes you a certified therapist in intimate bleaching. You get a diploma for that after passing a test. Read more about the training here and sign up for the training already today, so you can offer intimate bleaching already this spring.

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